Tindersticks: The Something Rain

Tindersticks: The Something Rain

Tindersticks: The Something Rain

Round 1 – Group 3 – Album 7

Tindersticks: The Something Rain


32 responses to “Tindersticks: The Something Rain

  1. I’m on the [very long] first track. It kinda has a feel like The Velvet Underground’s The Gift. Which is good.

  2. For something that I put on my list without knowing anything about it, this is pretty good. So far. Let’s hope that it doesn’t fall apart like many of the other albums.

  3. I’m in a minor crisis over here. I listened to this on speakers, which was already disorienting and made it hard to compare with other albums. Now, I realize that I was also listening on shuffle!! Oh god, I think I’m going to be sick. [leaves room, retching sounds can be heard, returns]. Anyway, now I don’t know if I should re-listen to the whole thing again in order, or just finish those 2 songs. Listening again will give the album a huge advantage in the group. Not listening again won’t give me a feel for the album structure.

    What does the Oracle of Puebla think about this?

    • Hmmm… I’ve had a couple of similar things happen… Not quite that, but similar. Kendrick Lamar – I had a version of the album that played at 67% speed… In that case, I had to relisten to everything that I had already listened to.

      There was another time, where I almost finished listening to an album before I realized that two songs were missing – I think 4 & 10. I just listened to those two songs once I got them.

      And, finally, there was… what album was it…? I think it was Wiley… I finished the whole album before I realized that it played in alphabetical order, I think because the track numbers weren’t in the metadata. I didn’t relisten.

      So, I’ve had a number of fuck ups. I would say that you just listen to those 2 songs, and not relisten to the whole album… If it gets to the 2nd listen, then you’ll get an additional appreciation for the album.

      • Damned wordpress is ruining my comedy. I’ve tried to reply to this comment in various ways with just, “That’s racist!” and it keeps saying “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”

        Know what I have to say to that?

        That’s racist!

      • I’d suggest attaching a randomly generated hash to make sure it’s unique. Like:

        That’s racist! 257a0b64402bd75cfbe5f43913450fe8

  4. So far, the album is quite weird, but I can’t tell if it’s in a good or bad way. The only way to tell would be another listen. But, WSWH. Weirdest group ever. I’m hoping Big C.R.I.T can save it.

  5. Much easier to tell what I’m dealing with on headphones. I think I also listened to half the album with the bass on full blast, which was problematic. Anyway, now that I can hear this properly, it has a bit of a Lambchop thing going on.

    • Yeah, it reminded me of a few different things. And, there was one that I couldn’t place, and, I think that was Lambchop. Good call.

  6. I’m going away tomorrow afternoon for the weekend, so I hope I can get my listen in in the morning in preparation for an early vote down.

  7. So far so good. I guess I wasn’t paying attention the first time, because I don’t remember the story in Song 1 at all. But, I’m like that. Song 2 is pretty cool as well. It all feels like a bit of a relief after the first 7 mediocre albums.

  8. On song 7 now. I think last time I wasn’t really hearing this album. This time I’ve got a good grip on it, but I don’t know if it will go anywhere for me next listen. I’m not sure if there’s more in this for me.

  9. Track 3 is a bit tired making. To be fair, I did start off tired… but, I seem more tired.

  10. I put all my hopes for this group on this album, which, in turn, has made it crushingly tiresome…

  11. Long songs should be outlawed. ‘Cause you see that there’s only two songs left, and you get excited, and then 3 albums worth of time goes by, and there’s still two songs left. Batards.

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